Beneath the shade of a palm tree on a tropical beach, dipping your toes into a crystal blue sea, could there be anything more perfect than a cool drink to make it into the ultimate chill-out moment?
If you haven’t got a palm tree or a Caribbean beach, you can still have that chill out moment with a glass of CARUMBOLA Exotic and your own imagination.
Passion Fruit and Pineapple are just two of the flavours that go into making a taste sensation that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

What our customers say and how they prefer to drink it …

Drinking CARUMBOLA as a shot is my preference! Young fresh flavours.- Jolien, 18
CARUMBOLA poured over ice is delicious, the natural fruit flavours explode in your mouth and give you a magical flavour sensation. Great in prosecco too for an amazing aperitif!- Dirk, 53